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Excessive workplace stress negatively impacts performance, productivity, and retention of employees. In a study of employee well being, 66% of employees reported that workplace stress negatively affects their sleep. Studies have found that when leaders show up for work unrested, they are more likely to lose patience with employees, act in abusive ways, and be seen as less charismatic (Mental Health America).


Klyn's Mindful Leadership Vistage workshop has more than $2 million in research; boiled down to a fast paced, outstanding interactive education on how to increase profitability by sharing mindful leadership tools to decrease the rising stress and employee burnout/morale the workforce is seeing.  


You'll Learn: 

  1. The drivers that determine psychologically the differences between positive and negative stressors.

  2. 5 shocking dangerous trends that cost employers millions annually in lost productivity costs, employee burnout, and disengagement

  3. The 6 proven ways to improve the mental health of employees and reverse employee workplace stress 

  4. New insights that will change the way you lead when challenges occur on your team

 Statistics on Mental Health In the Workplace: 
📖  In a study of employee well being, 50% of employees reported using unhealthy practices to cope with work stress (drinking, drugs, lashing out, overeating, etc.) (Mental Health America).

📖  Between a third and a half of all days off work are attributable to mental illness...In at least 80% of cases, absenteeism is due to an underlying mental health problem (IZA World of Labor).

📖  Employers face an estimated $80-100B in indirect costs annually, due to mental illness and substance use disorders of employees (SAMHSA).

📖  Every year, excessive workplace stress causes a staggering 120,000 deaths and results in nearly $190 billion in health care costs (SAMSHA).

📖 615 million people suffer from depression and anxiety; this costs an estimated one trillion dollars in lost productivity every year (Financial Times). 

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About The Presenter


Hi! I'm Klyn Elsbury, and as the video above shares, I have a condition known as Cystic Fibrosis. 

I have endured over 70 hospitalizations, started a company, and wrote 2 books within those walls, asking myself the tough question, "Why do some people view difficult situation with a sense of optimism and opportunity, when other's cannot?  And is there anything I can personally do or learn that could better help me work with stress with it occurs?" 

I've already hit my goal of speaking on some of the worlds largest stages sharing this research. After one event, Vistage Speaker of the Year Dan Miller, recommended I get involved with Vistage to help executives have more tools to enable their employees to not only live more fulfilling lives but to also be more productive at work, and enjoy longer careers with them.   

I've helped small businesses and enterprise firms improve productivity, maximize energy, create lasting motivation, and ultimately make more money while taking better care of their employees.  

And I'd like to do the same for you and your groups. 

[email protected]
407 504 9696 

"There a hundreds of workplace wellness speakers out there. Only Klyn (and her experiences) can deliver this message about how to maximize the time we have on Earth, navigate stress, and become more resilient than ever before. "

Dan Miller
2018 Vistage Speaker of the Year

"The fact that some people may be uncomfortable or unwilling to hear or consider your message is irrelevant (and it's also totally about them and not you). Vistage is about challenging our assumptions, shaking things up, and getting our members (and ourselves, as Chairs) to be uncomfortable (because this is the ONLY way we grow, as you know!)."

Tonya Twitchell
Vistage Chair

""The core of her message was not new or outside of what I have previously considered. We 'know' this intellectually and our chair has been nudging us to do these things and consider these things since the beginning of time. AND, the way that Klyn delivered the message was impactful. The fact that Klyn delivered this message today served me. Hearing this message through her lens and with her stories and real-life experiences changed me. It inspired me. It is making these concepts non-negotiable rather than simply 'things I could/should do more often.'""

Vistage Member

Book time on Klyn's calendar to see if her Mindful Leadership Vistage presentation is a fit for you and your groups. You'll also receive a free 1 page fact sheet on the ROI of Mental Health in the Workplace


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