30-Day Playbook To Improve Your Sales & Sales Career

Have You Ever Wondered...


How some salespeople surpass quota, climb the corporate ladder, AND somehow seem to live an extraordinary life? 


Unstuck Yourself is a unique 30-day challenge based on street proven techniques and neuroscience that helps you learn the formula for sales success from the minds of top producers. 

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You either aren't making the kind of sales you think you should be able to make or you're at the level of success where you are contemplating "is all there is to living an extraordinary life?" 

3x best-selling author, keynote speaker, and sales coach, Klyn Elsbury will show you how to hack your brain to accelerate the growth of your sales career.

This 30-day coaches playbook will teach you where most sales professionals go wrong, how you can avoid those same traps yourself, and what top-performers do differently than the rest of us. It’s time to end the excuses and frustrations and UNSTUCK YOURSELF.

Have you ever wondered:

How is it some people are able to achieve sales success, even when times are challenging, and others seem stuck? 


There are 3 pillars to success in any career: having the right mindset, cultivating the right skills, and taking action.  The one most people forget about is ACTION. This is designed as a playbook, encouraging you to take the actions that sales expert and coach, Klyn Elsbury teaches her clients. You have to pick the book up, read it, and act on it. 

Take tiny steps every day and create a new routine, and you'll notice your career and life satisfaction will IMPROVE.


Times are tough. Your sales are inconstant. Customers are canceling. Your manager is barking orders. And you know there's a deeper purpose for your life beyond what the spreadsheet says. I get it.  I've been there and somedays, I still go through it with the teams I advise for.   

Tiny, intentional steps in the correct order will take you far.  That's all it takes.  Teeny-tiny steps every day. 

What could your career look like if you took teeny tiny steps towards your goals? 

A life of purpose, profitability, and productivity await you... You've got this!


From 67 hospitalizations caused by cystic fibrosis to founding MK Foundation (a sales consulting company) - 3x Best Selling Author Klyn Elsbury has educated thousands of salespeople and their managers around the world. 

Klyn is passionate about helping salespeople GROW in their purpose while achieving their SALES goals. She's known for making the big dreams, realistic.   

Klyn is featured in over 150+ publications.

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In a time when much of the world has gone crazy and people are overwhelmed, Klyn Elsbury provides simple, concise, and effective tactics for mastering our crucible moments and increasing sales. UNSTUCK YOURSELF is not going to be one more thing added to readers' to-do list. Rather, readers will enjoy Klyn's straight-to-the point style and easily implementable daily action items.  
-Crystal Washington, Technology Strategist and Futurist 


This should be required learning for every aspiring attorney, sales professional, manager, or business owner! Even those who aren’t technically in a “sales” position will generally have an easier go at life if they can negotiate successfully with others. UNSTUCK YOURSELF is a different approach to success. Klyn gives just enough of the “why” before she pulls you right through her “how”. And her “how” is a logical, comprehensive plan to improve your sales—and your life--- in thirty days.
-Ashley Pepitone ESQ, Attorney and Legal Tech Entrepreneur


The ONLY way top performers deliver consistently is with effective strategies to push through the hard times — the times when others become “stuck.” In this practical and enlightening book, Klyn Elsbury provides professionals that missing piece between strategy and execution; intention and action. Klyn gives you both the why and the how to get “unstuck." Read it with a highlighter in your hand and write all over this book!
David Avrin, President, The Customer Experience Advantage

A book on sales that deals with the reality of how to have a fulfilling career while growing the bottom line. Klyn teaches in a new and refreshing way that engages the entire sales system, not just the individuals and their managers.  I bought a copy for everyone on my retail sales team and we started using these tactics in our daily huddles. -  Doug Carey, EVP West Gate Bank  


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