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  • What do you want?
  • Why don't you have it?
  • And what's next if you have it already?


Join your coach, author, and neuroscience expert, Klyn Elsbury as she teaches you how to experience less workplace stress, deal with corporate changes, eradicate burnout, and live a life that inspires you and reinvigorates those around you.

Through thought provoking interviews, compelling research studies, and inspirational messages, Klyn will transform your reality into one that brings you more passion, purpose, and prosperity.


Every brand has a story, here's ours

Born with Cystic Fibrosis, Klyn was told she wouldn't live past age 14 and has spent much of her life growing up inside hospitals battling the disease. 

She spent her 20's excelling in recruiting.  When she started getting hospitalized for 6 months a year, she left corporate America and filed for government assistance. 

In 2016, during a long hospital stay in an isolation ward, after her lung function plummeted, she decided to write her first best-selling book, I AM __ The Untold Story of Success.

She got off of social security services in 2018 when she started her own company, MK Foundation, and went on to receive her masters practitioner certification in neurolinguistic programming.  

She now does corporate training, keynotes conferences, offers online courses, and has a full coaching practice dedicated to a small number of executives a year.

All programs help executives and their teams gain a unique competitive edge to master the art of resiliency, maximizing performance, and ending failure work that erodes profitability.


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