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This executive briefing has more than $2 million in research; boiled down to a bullet style, fast paced, outstanding education on how to increase sales in this period of rising competition and decreased productivity and motivation of sales teams. 

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  1. The drivers that will get the most out of every rep on your team
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How The Briefing Works: 
📖 We underwrite the cost entirely. 
📖 There's no cost to you whatsoever.
📖 When Klyn is touring in your city, we reach back out and coordinate a visit to your location for a live presentation.
📖 Most will gather some key staff for the experience.
📖 The entire briefing takes about an hour, you may want to gather key staff and watch it in a conference room over a "Lunch & Learn" 
📖 If she is not in your city, you can still access the training online, at no cost to you.




Born with Cystic Fibrosis, Klyn was told she wouldn't live past age 14 and has spent much of her life growing up inside hospitals battling the disease. 

She spent her 20's excelling in recruiting.  When she started getting hospitalized for 6 months a year, she left corporate America and filed for government assistance. 

In 2016, during a long hospital stay after her lung function plummeted, she wrote her first best-selling book, I AM __ The Untold Story of Success.

She got off of social security services in 2018 when she started her own company, MK Foundation, and went on to receive her masters practitioner certification in neurolinguistic programming.  

She now has a full coaching practice dedicated to a small number of executives a year, an online course on marketing through social media, and keynotes large conferences and travels doing corporate trainings. 

Her presentations combine a unique perspective of neuroscience, hospital life lessons, and sales strategies. 

Companies hire Klyn when they want to gain a unique competitive edge to master the art of resiliency, maximizing performance, and ending failure work that erodes profitability.



Rewire your brain with Klyn Elsbury, a leading high performance coach and a top requested keynote speaker as her trainings reach 500,000 people a month with her message for how to tactically create PURPOSE. PASSION. POWER. & PROSPERITY. 

Every week, Klyn shares tactical tips to help you overcome struggles & accomplish feats previously deemed impossible. This is an intimate & raw glimpse into the life & mind of one of the most watched, followed and inspirational personal development trainers.

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