Meet Klyn Elsbury

Klyn Elsbury has turned her passion for personal growth, marketing and branding, cystic fibrosis advocacy and unapologetic advice into one of the most distinctive lifestyle blogs online today.   Along with the blog, Sickly Confidential, Klyn has released her best selling book, I Am The Untold Story of Success

She is best known for her work with healthcare, pharma, and biotech companies - teaching them lessons the living can learn from the dying to decrease employee stress and improve morale.   She started her corporate trainings after becoming one of the top requested keynote speakers on personal growth strategies as seen here. 

In 2019, she created Shark School, which is an intense 52 module program that teaches the best of the best marketing and branding strategies.

Lastly, she runs a podcast that features inspiring stories of how ordinary people overcame incredible odds.  Klyn works with the top tier brands while continuing to connect with her community of over 60,000 followers on a daily basis.  

Her principles of what the living can learn from the dying and her book, I Am has been featured in NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt, Success Magazine, Forbes, NPR, PBS, and over 150 other publications.

You can find her camping, reading, inhaling tacos or being obsessive about her fiance and 3 pound puppy, Chanel. 



Can you share more about her speaking career?  I've heard her at a conference and wanted to learn more...


High achievers work with Klyn when they want to master the art resilience, decrease stress and anxiety, and build a purposeful legacy.


You'll experience:

  • Less stress, decreased anxiety
  • Increased productivity
  • Higher employee engagement and morale
  • Ability to navigate change 
  • An "excuses free" team  


Klyn's inspirational speaking career has taken her around the world speaking to entrepreneurial organizations, sales meetings, large conferences and events, and leadership summits. Klyn has been fortunate enough to share the stage with notables like:

  • Shep Gordon
  • Bill Walton 
  • Tony Hawk
  • Jocko Willink
  • John O'Leary 
  • Lance Armstrong





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