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Advanced Praise for UNSTUCK YOURSELF 


A book on sales that deals with the reality of how to have a fulfilling career while growing the bottom line. Klyn teaches in a new and refreshing way that engages the entire sales system, not just the individuals and their managers.  I bought a copy for everyone on my retail sales team and we started using these tactics in our daily huddles. -  Doug Carey, EVP West Gate Bank  


Captivating and authentic, Klyn challenges professional salespeople to become top-performing producers by leveraging their mindset. UNSTUCK YOURSELF is a must-read for every growth-focused organization that believes in developing leaders who develop future leaders.  Klyn’s winning approach helps professional salespeople create new value for their customers. 
Kent Gregoire, CEO, Symphony Advantage, Inc. 


All results are preceded by action. UNSTUCK YOURSELF tackles the biggest sales challenge that virtually all sales professionals face at some point in their career: failure to take consistent action. Klyn brings her experience, passion and authenticity to life in this action-packed roadmap for sales success.  UNSTUCK YOURSELF is a must for sales teams and sales leaders wanting to push beyond their comfort zone.

 - John Ryan MBA, MSW, Master Trainer of NLP


I have seen wonderful people enter the sales profession only to quickly come to believe they’re terrible at everything. Whether it’s hearing “no” over and over again or being put off by that one prospect who could change everything, nobody is immune from the disappointment that comes from trying to sell for a living. In “Unstuck Yourself,” Klyn shows you how to break out from fear, find meaning in your work, and take the action necessary to succeed on your own terms." 

 Travis Luther, Founder - Queen Anne Pillow Company


“Success does not come by accident. You need a plan. Klyn’s 30 day Road map giveS you That plan. Execute and you will fly! Read this book!“ - Todd Toback, Former Fortune 100 Sales Executive/ Real Estate Entrepreneur 


When I first met Klyn at a conference of 500+ where I was keynoting, she immediately stood out. The key was the quantity and quality of life questions she hammered at me. Now, in UNSTUCK YOURSELF, she asks the questions that every aspiring Top Producer needs to answer. I join Klyn in challenging you to wrestle down the answers- do that, and success is yours!

Jack Daly, Serial Entrepreneur, Amazon Best Selling Author and World Recognized CEO Coach

UNSTUCK YOURSELF is something I encourage every sales professional to take on. At the Institute for Excellence in Sales, we work with some of the world’s top sales leaders to help them acquire, motivate, retain and elevate top tier talent. This continues to get harder to do as customers continue to take control of the sales process and global economic and health challenges affect business growth. Sales professionals need all the mental acuity they can attain and her process makes that happen.

Fred Diamond, Founder Institute for Excellence in Sales and Sales Game Changers Podcast and Webcasts


I've had the pleasure of attending Klyn's sales playbook masterclass and this book elaborates on the mindset of sales success as well as how managers can grow their teams.  I bought a copy, read it, gave it out to my team. I'm confident we will see growth. 

- Andy Cheng, CEO Masks Guru Inc


Klyn Elsbury has overcome every challenge and obstacle that has come her way. Sales reps and seasoned professionals can find every excuse as to why they can't win and succeed especially when a crisis hits. This is not the case for Klyn, she thrives and overcomes any crises, personally and professionally, and turns them into opportunities. 

I highly recommend UNSTUCK YOURSELF to any leader guiding a sales team and to those who are looking to make a shift at living their greatest life and having a successful sales career. 

-Anya Krebs, CEO Office Space Copier  


In a time when much of the world has gone crazy and people are overwhelmed, Klyn Elsbury provides simple, concise, and effective tactics for mastering our crucible moments and increasing sales. UNSTUCK YOURSELF is not going to be one more thing added to readers' to-do list. Rather, readers will enjoy Klyn's straight-to-the point style and easily implementable daily action items.  

Crystal Washington, Technology Strategist and Futurist 


This should be required learning for every aspiring attorney, sales professional, manager or business owner! Even those who aren’t technically in a “sales” position will generally have an easier go at life if they can negotiate successfully with others. UNSTUCK YOURSELF is a different approach to success. Klyn gives just enough of the “why” before she pulls you right through her “how”. And her “how” is a logical, comprehensive plan to improve your sales—and your life--- in thirty days.
Ashley Pepitone ESQ, Attorney and Legal Tech Entrepreneur


The ONLY way top performers deliver consistently is with effective strategies to push through the hard times — the times when others become “stuck.” In this practical and enlightening book, Klyn Elsbury provides professionals that missing piece between strategy and execution; intention and action. Klyn gives you both the why and the how to get “unstuck." Read it with a highlighter in your hand and write all over this book!

David Avrin, President, The Customer Experience Advantage


Intelligence is learning from your own mistakes. Earning intelligence is painful. It leaves bruises. It usually isn’t fun. Wisdom on the other hand, is a generous gift, given with humility by someone willing to share their own experience to save you from the pain of learning on your own. For those looking to be intelligent without bruises, this book offers the generous gift of wisdom. 

Mike Maddock, CEO of Maddock Douglas & Flourish Forums 


Klyn lays out a 30 day action plan to improve sales performance. At first, I thought this would be another mindset book, but the straight forward, no BS approach, with actual tactics proved to be a game-changer for myself and my team.  

Duran Inci, CEO Optimum 7


Klyn is a champion saleswoman and master coach who somehow makes neuroplasticity not just understandable, but entertaining! Unstuck Yourself is a practical, relatable guidebook that will help you jumpstart (or restart!) your career in 30 days by understanding how your brain works. Do yourself a favor and start it today. Then, reread it every 30 days until you can quote it by heart.

-Brittany Hodak, Entrepreneur & Speaker


"Klyn gets straight to the mind of a top producer while captivating the heart of selling.  This book should be required as a 30-day sales training program for every salesperson in your company." 

- David Mammano,  Host of The Gonzo Experience Podcast