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Hi, I'm Klyn! 

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Who am I?  And what do I write about?

I'm an podcast host, author, corporate trainer, and keynote speaker.  But it wasn't always like that... In fact, I spend months a year hospitalized due to cystic fibrosis and in this keynote, I share how executives can master the art of resilience and decrease their stress level by drawing parallels of what my life was like growing up in isolation wards and starting a business in those same walls.  


What do you want? Why don't you have it? And what's next if you have it already?

Join your coach, neuroscience expert and corporate trainer, Klyn Elsbury as she teaches you how to experience less workplace stress, deal with corporate changes, eradicate burnout, and live a life that inspires you and reinvigorates those around you.

Through thought provoking interviews, compelling research studies, and inspirational messages, Klyn will transform your reality into one that brings you more passion, purpose, and prosperity 


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I want to write a letter to my younger self when I was on government assistance and worrying about my failing health, “You'll survive to teach a lesson to the living on what it means to be dying."

Through compelling interviews with olympians and entrepreneurs, I ask the age old question... how did the successful become successful and what do we all ultimately need to know about living before our time is up?