This 6 week intense online course is ideal for ambitious brands (realtors, speakers, coaches, & consultants) who want to grow and monetize their following to sell their coaching programs, get booked for PAID speaking gigs and gain massive PR

Are you ready? 

Meet the Creator, Klyn Elsbury.

For years, I struggled with my business. 

I spend a lot of my life in the hospital battling cystic fibrosis and  in my mid-20's I filed for disability services because I couldn't work a traditional 9-5. 

In the hospitals, I studied how to build a business on social media and built this program.  

I started getting PAID speaking opportunities, my book became an international best seller, I gained coaching clients, and landed massive PR

I realized, these strategies may help other ambitious brands.

Shark School is a collection of the best of the best tools, tech, tips, and website hacks that I compiled about how to leverage the business side of social media.  

I'm excited to watch you succeed,



What Would Your Life Be Like If...

🦈 You woke up to see that your followers created huge buzz about your services

🦈 You grow your accounts by  thousands of new (paying!) followers, without spending a penny!

🦈You had a wait list for clients who want to work with you 

🦈 Had an audience of warm leads, that you knew you could turn into loyal fans!

🦈 By posting on social media, you were getting emails requesting you for paid keynote speaking opportunities


🦈 You received fan mail from followers about how you helped save their life or inspired them

…This can be your reality.  These are the exact tools and tactics Klyn has used to scale her business, generate high-ticket coaching clients, land brand endorsements, land publicity, and keynote all over the world.  And we want to share it with you!  


Your Curriculum

Shark School is a 6 week, interactive video-based training program that teaches smart, effective online social media strategies to coaches, aspiring speakers, & consultants who want more clients, PR, and impact from their Insta, Facebook, and Linkedin.

What’s included?


Lifetime access to the extensive Shark School curriculum. 

🦈 Tried, tested and then tested again. It includes downloads, videos, voice recordings, templates = basically the entire step by step blueprint.  

Consistent free upgrades. We’ll be updating you with every change in algorithm or new wave of strategy.

🦈 Shark School is always finding new tactics to implement and sharing it with graduates of the program. You won't need to sign up for any other social media course...ever! 


Hands on support from Klyn & the Shark School Team

🦈 We are available to answer questions quickly.  Try us by emailing [email protected] and seeing how fast you get an answer to your question. 


Lowest price ever. Lock it in now!

🦈 The cost of this course has been steadily increasing over the past year. This is the lowest price we will ever offer. 


We’ve been asked thousands of times to release the exact strategies Klyn used to build a global personal brand with over 50,000 followers to get paid speaking opportunities, coaching clients, brand endorsements, as well as for our clients. It’s here.

Ask, Ask Away!

This will get you on the fast track to helping you make money in your business, even if you are still employed. 

We've trained several sales people and they were able to quit their jobs and start their own business.

To get the most out of it, we suggest you have a strong desire to launch your own biz in the near future.


Not at all!

This download is incredibly easy to navigate.

It includes the jumpstart or kickstart for everything you need to start or scale your business.  

This is an intense 6 week online course where we show the best of the best street proven tactics that top entrepreneurs and sales ppl are using RIGHT NOW to grow their brands. 

Many have used it to find more customers, convert them into fans, and close them.  

They have booked speaking gigs, brand endorsements, coaching clients, and sold retail items.  

It's up to you where the possibilities end.

It isn't luck.  It isn't a mystery. 

There's a system and a process they use and I'm sharing with you how they made it happen.

This is HIGHLY tactical, step by step, proven systems and processes you can implement immediately to start closing more deals. 

In addition, Klyn personally will give you a customized social media audit with advice on how to transform your profiles.

In addition, you get a download of 750+ of the best tools and tech

  • Hardware Recommendations
  • Time management & Scheduling Tools
  • Personal Growth Conferences & Training
  • Facebook Tools
  • Linkedin Tools
  • Instagram Tools
  • Photo Imaging Tools
  • Imaging and Editing Tools
  • Stock Photography Tools
  • Personalization Tools
  • Design Tools
  • Youtube Tools
  • Video Editing Tools
  • Video Tools
  • Live Video Tools
  • Social Media Integration & Scheduling
  • Socializing
  • Conference Tools
  • Scheduling
  • Email Tools
  • Email Marketing | CRM  | List Service Tools
  • Text Messaging Tools
  • Influencer Tools
  • Content Marketing Tools
  • Auto Editing Tools
  • Marketing Fun & Misc. Tools
  • Drive Engagement Tools
  • Social Media Tools
  • Website Tools
  • SEO Tools
  • Retargeting Tools
  • Analytics Tools
  • Conversion Optimization Tools
  • Keyword Research Tools
  • Competitive Intelligence Tools
  • Funnel Building Tools
  • Increase Traffic Tools
  • Ads & Ad Strategy Tools
  • Client Proposal & Demo Tools
  • Voicemail Tools
  • Direct Mail Tools
  • E-Commerce Tools
  • Amazon Tools
  • Online Courses/Training Tools
  • Company Training & Management Tools
  • File Sharing
  • Conversion Optimization Tools

Access to all these exclusive insights and curriculum normally retails for $4,997.  Now, for this limited offer for followers on Instagram, get the entire Social Media Package for $1,897.  Over 60% off the Retail Price!


We suggest planning out a day of the week for you to take the course and then implement the strategies.  

Social Media Bootcamp is completed on your own, so complete each lesson as it works into your schedule.  The most successful students dedicate time to learning the strategies and implementing them. 

We strongly suggest doing the modules in order.

This course is extremely easy to understand and to follow.  In most cases, there are step-by-step instructions, videos, and slides to help you. 

You also have access to the community of Sharks who have gone through the program and are willing to help you succeed. 

Even though the tactics are easy, you have to bring the work ethic.

If you are stuck, email  [email protected]  and Lisa will get back with you ASAP

It doesn’t matter if you’re at 50 or 500K followers. All that 
matters is you’re eager to learn & want to be held accountable.

We will teach you the rest. 

Most Sharks start out with around 100 followers and from there have built their platforms up to over 10,000 within the first few months.  

NOTE: it doesn't matter how many followers you have, what matters is the quality of followers that can convert to paying clients.  

We teach you that. 

Most entrepreneurs are so busy working in their business, they forget to work ON their business.  We help you create a strategic social media plan that works and offer you support on any questions you have along the way.  

You'll even learn top digital marketing strategies and sales techniques that CONVERT and can build out a database of loyal fans who refer their friends to you.  

If it's been awhile since you've strategically worked ON your business, or if you're serious about optimizing social media then this is ABSOLUTELY for you

It will teach you how to get clients for coaching, paying keynote speaking opportunities, and work with major brands that pay you!

We have SUCCESSFULLY transformed the social media for travel brands, speakers, coaches, small business consultants, real estate agents and even branding companies! 

Shark School trainings are released in weekly modules and consist of easy-to-follow videos, done-for-you templates, and homework. All of the training is online, contained in the private Shark School member only site. Students can view the training videos, connect with others, and compare notes with classmates.

Each Shark also gets a free audit of their social profiles by Klyn and one coaching call to help you stay on track and succeed. 

Plus, you’re a Shark School Grad for life. You can retake the program for free each year, for as long as the program exists. We also send out an email update if we come across a new tool or program or algorithm change you need to know about. 

Lastly, you get FREE access to the community of Sharks who have gone through Shark School and are dedicated to helping YOU succeed as well. 


Join other coaches and speakers who have learned how to grow and monetize their following to sell out their coaching packages, get booked for keynotes, and create additional revenue streams.


You're just one post away


We give you the step by step proven system & process to generating leads


We show you how brand your business to identify, attract, and retain your ideal target market


We give you our scripts so you can  consistently close sales without feeling spammy

Stand Out On Social Media, Generate Leads, & Have Fun!

Social media should be the part of your business you MOST look forward to.   With a system and process, it becomes easy and effortless - allowing you to work on your business strategically and spend more time creating memories with friends and family. 


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