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How some salespeople surpass quota, climb the corporate ladder, AND somehow seem to live an extraordinary life? 


Unstuck Yourself is a unique 30-day challenge based on street proven techniques and neuroscience that helps you learn the formula for sales success from the minds of top producers. 

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Klyn Elsbury has endured over 70 hospitalizations from cystic fibrosis and is the founder of MK Foundation. As a 2x best-selling author, Klyn offers motivational keynotes,  workplace wellness and mindfulness workshops & facilitates interactive leadership meetings. 


She dedicates her life to help others achieve seemingly impossible goals by overcoming adversity, embracing mindfulness, and practicing gratitude.


Download an executive briefing on how mindfulness can reduce employee stress

This e-book dives into the neuroscience behind mindfulness in the workplace and its proven ability to reduce anxiety and stress. 



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