Embrace the very best version of yourself with Eve Dawes of Dawes Custom Cosmetics

inspiring May 11, 2020

Eve Dawes is the founder of Dawes Custom Cosmetics and Glamour and Gains By Eve the lifestyle blog and podcast. A WBFF Pro Diva, Mrs. Nevada United States 2017 and a SAG-AFTRA actress, she has been featured in international magazines, on E! and in movies such as Burlesque and Burt Wonderstone.
Eve has always had a holistic approach to health and fitness which is why creating a clean and cruelty-free line was important to her as it was missing in the luxury cosmetics market.
Eve shares her passion for beauty, fitness, and fashion via her blog, her partnership with her husband's clothing company ‘Sorority Specialties’, as well as through her blog and podcast which allows her to share her knowledge of fashion, fitness, and cruelty-free beauty.
Eve’s unique combination of active leadership, extensive volunteer work, philanthropy, and coaching others, allows her to empower and help others to feel good and achieve their goals.
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Kindness cures all with Sebastian Terry

hilarious inspiring kindess Apr 29, 2020


 'In case of an emergency oxygen masks will fall from the ceiling. Please put yours on first before helping others'

Inspired by the death of a close friend, Sebastian Terry experienced a moment in his life where he asked himself a simple question; ‘Am I happy?’. 

The answer was NO and so he created a list of 100 Things that he hoped would help him find happiness.



Ten years later, after dropping everything in his life to achieve the ultimate bucket list (#23 Deliver a Baby, #67 Live on a Deserted Island for 1 Week, #26 Help a Stranger, etc), Sebastian’s story has grown from an adventurous tale into a global philanthropic movement that engages a growing tribe of hundreds of thousands to set meaningful goals, achieve our biggest dreams and help others in need.


“I thought initially that it would take me 100 Things to reach a state of fulfillment but it’s taken me 72 things to realize that ‘ticks’ are...

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