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Have you ever noticed that someone else’s behavior has the capability to trigger you to such a degree that it spins out your mental and emotional state?

  • How is it that other people can have such a hook in us, leaving us to feel heightened emotions like anger, frustration or even rage?
  • Why do we see qualities or characteristics in others that we aren't able to fully claim within ourselves - both positive and negative?
  • What is it that creates this illusion of separation in both our internal and external worlds?

Join Tris and Klyn where you will learn about the Ego, Persona and Shadow - and how to recognize the difference between them. You will also learn about how you project your Shadow onto others and be guided through the process of identifying and integrating the light and dark shadow qualities within yourself. The result will enable you to have a better understanding of who you are, to live from a more calm, centered and balanced place, to experience more compassion for yourself and others, and to step more fully into your light, your purpose and your path.

I mean, how POWERFUL would it be if you were able to live more from this space?



About Tris Thorp

Tris Thorp is a highly respected global leader and expert in social emotional learning and personal empowerment, as well as a sought-after Integrative Breakthrough Coach, keynote speaker and internationally bestselling author. Tris illuminates the key issues we face today - how to navigate our energy, mindset and emotions during challenging times, while striving to live the life we were made for. For over two decades, she has transformed the lives of thousands through her online courses, coaching, private retreats, keynote speaking events and live workshops, including live trainings on Mental and Emotional Release.

Tris is Board Certified by the Association for Integrative Psychology as a Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming, Hypnosis and Mental & Emotional Release®. She is a certified Breakthrough Shadow Coach, a Reiki Master and an experienced yoga teacher.


Email: [email protected]



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