Hacking endurance with Greg Nance

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What do you tell yourself to keep going when you feel that you're at the edge?  How can you hack your own endurance? 


Greg Nance is the CEO of Dyad.com and Chairman of Moneythink, organizations that have helped students earn over $27M in university scholarships. His work has been recognized by The New York Times and President Obama as a "Champion of Change." Greg loves endurance challenges and has solo climbed Mont Blanc, swam across the Nile River, and run 7 marathons in 7 days on 7 continents. Next up, Greg is celebrating 3,000 days sober by running 3,000 miles across America to explore our addiction epidemic.

Tune in today to hear about secrets to improving your endurance. 


I mean, how POWERFUL would it be if you were able to live more from this space?  

To learn more about his mission of running across America to bring awareness of the addiction epidemic, check out http://www.gregrunsfar.com/



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