Expected to Die, Now Teaching Others How to Live

Read the gripping interviews and inspirational story from author and sales expert, Klyn Elsbury on the lessons she learned enduring 67 hospitalizations from cystic fibrosis while building a business inside those walls.

Have you ever wondered:

Why are some people able to achieve their success, even when their situation seems dire, and others can't? 

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I created I AM for people who want to learn how to create mindset habits to transform their lives, but easily lose focus, feel overwhelmed, or question if they are "good enough" to succeed.  

I AM teaches you 9 life-changing habits to transform your relationship with yourself through inspirational stories of overcoming the odds. 

Never again will you lose hope, feel like you aren't enough, or take things for granted.  It's time you find your inner STRENGTH! 

We also give a portion of all book sales to those struggling with cystic fibrosis to raise awareness and provide hope. 

Have you ever wondered:

Why are some people able to achieve their success, even when their situation seems dire, and others can't? 


Here's the truth... 

You have survived so much because you are an inspiration to others. I believe that.  100%.  You were given your health complications to be a beacon of hope for others.  That's why, I am giving you this book for free. 

But here's the deal... 

I can't read it to you.  And I can't implement it for you. You have to pick it up, read it, and decide to act on it.  Even if you take tiny steps every day and create a new routine, you will have growth. 


Times are tough. Your flares are constant. Your hospitalizations are frequent. Your fatigue is rough. Somedays there just aren't enough spoons. I get it.  I've been there and somedays, I still go through it.  And the thought that guides me is "who will lose because I couldn't find my strength?"  Tiny steps.  That's all it takes.  Teeny-tiny steps every day.  What could your life look like if you took teeny tiny steps towards your goals? 

A life of purpose, hope, and inspiration await you.. You've got this!


From 67 hospitalizations caused by cystic fibrosis to an expert in sales psychology, Klyn Elsbury has inspired hundreds of thousands around the world. 

Along with her best selling book, I AM __ The Untold Story of Success, Klyn Elsbury’s neuroscience backed mindset principles for a happier, healthier, motivated life have been used throughout corporate America for 5 years, helping executives and their sales teams be more motivated and cohesive. 

Her weekly articles have appeared on NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt, Success Magazine and Forbes, along with over 150+ other publications. 

Klyn was selected as a finalist for Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of The Year in 2019 but decided to stop the interview process when she was hospitalized her 67th time battling the genetic disease, cystic fibrosis. 

Klyn’s podcast (The Motivated Mind), online courses,  corporate trainings, and keynotes motivate and teach sales and high performance tactics for an estimated 200,000 minds a month.  One of the leading experts blending motivation and sales techniques using neuroscience for corporate America, Klyn’s audiences have been sales heavy organizations, Fortune 1000 companies, and progressive associations looking to improve their competitive edge.

Champions are built, not born.  Get your copy today!  


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