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Learn how to deal with the inevitable mental health struggles that business owners face and the neuro-associative techniques to eradicate imposter syndrome, build confidence, and get back into action


You have a message to share with the world..

You're trying to scale, getting stuck, and needing support from those who have been there

You dedicated your life to your work because you wanted to help others succeed. 

And now you're feeling exhausted and stuck. 

We’ve all been there. 🤷🏻‍♂️

But without the right support network and mental health coaching, many executives just  STAY THERE.

ELEV8 Nation helps you step by step and gives you support, accountability, and direction so you can share your message with the world.


What's ELEV8 Nation About?


You have dreams to bring purpose, power, and prosperity into your life. You know you want to build a deep relationship with your audience, create a lifestyle you're proud of, and one that allows you to give back and leave your legacy on this world.

Not sure how to start?

Welcome to ELEV8 Nation!


Where you can go to share your victories and challenges and support one another on this amazing life journey.




  •  I AM __ The Untold Story of Success: Shipped To You
  •  Every video tutorial you'll need
  •  Over 750+  resources, tools, and tech you need 
  •  Access to The Private Facebook Group
  •  Monthly LIVE Q&A with Klyn and self-made 7 figure Sharks 
  •  The clarity goal setting checklist
  •  30-day 100% money back guarantee




  •  A 30-minute strategy call w/ Klyn
  •  Save $167/yr over the monthly
  •  I AM __ The Untold Story of Success: Shipped To You
  •  Every video tutorial you'll need
  •  Over 750+  resources, tools, and tech you need 
  •  Access to The Private Facebook Group
  •  Monthly LIVE Q&A with Klyn and self-made 7 figure Sharks 
  •  The self care checklist
  •  30-day 100% money back guarantee

At this point you're probably thinking…

I’m not really sure now is the time, I have so much to do already and I'm stuck with all the decisions I need to make, how can I know what I need to do next?

We ALL have struggled with clarity at some point in our entrepreneurial journey; we’re only human. Do you think Klyn knew exactly what her brand would become when she first launched her business?  Not a chance! (Seriously, go back and listen to the first 40 episodes of her podcast or look at the older presentations on youtube …)

TAKE ACTION. If you want to become an expert and IMPACT the world with your unique message, you have to start taking action.

 We have an entire recording coaching session on how to create clarity. 

I have a lot of other projects going on I probably won't have time…

 Yes, marketing and scaling your business online is a time commitment, and we know what it’s like to have a lot of projects going on. So start with just one step, mastering the internal dialogue you're telling yourself.  Once you believe in your message and commit to spreading it, the rest is simply a series of small steps everyday. The systems and growth will come once you're reintroduced to your thoughts.  We've included an entire class in this program to help you discover your top 5 unconscious drivers. 


What if ELEV8 NATION isn’t right for me after all?

We offer a 30-day no questions asked money back guarantee. If ELEV8 NATION isn’t right for you, just let us know! Plus, you can cancel anytime, so jump on in, give it a try, and if you're not satisfied at any point in time, simply let us know you'd like to cancel!


Friendship & Advanced Trainings

The most important aspect of your entrepreneurial journey is surrounding yourself with inspiring growth oriented people who can relate to your struggles and encourage you to keep making progress.

Our community is full of those who want to help you on your journey.

We also host monthly live webinars, so whether it’s a live Q&A session with Klyn, or a presentation with a self made 7 figure entrepreneur, you’ve got the best of the best training there is. 


Tutorials Broken Down Step by Step 

Not sure what to do when it comes to getting back on your business instead of in your business?  Do you know the essentials of branding, emailing, funnels, and social media? What about how to drive more traffic to your website, or get press? 

We have step-by-step video tutorials that walk you through every step of your  journey, which you’ll have full access to the minute you join ELEV8 Nation. 


Templates & Tech 

We’ve developed partnerships with the best of the best digital marketers and brands to bring you a resources page that has over 750+ tools and tech to help you get "unstuck". 

You’ll also have instant access to documents we use here at MK Foundation, and if there's one you want that you don't see- just ask.  We have the team to build it. 


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