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  • Mastering the Art of Resilience
  • Relaxing and Preventing Burnout
  • Creating Confidence & Prosperity 
  • Ending Fears & Insecurities
  • And so much more!



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Your Host 

Klyn Elsbury is the host of Neuroscience for Success, a podcast where she interviews inspiring Entrepreneurs who have taken their darkest days and used them to ELEV8. She keynotes on her message of mastering resilience, building confidence, and eradicate excuses all over the world and her book was a best-seller within 4 hours of launching. Oh...and she is just getting started. Visit to ELEV8 YOUR Entrepreneurial journey.

Uncovering Your Purpose 

In this module, Klyn breaks down what having purpose is and how you can uncover yours!  

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Reigniting Your Passion

Ever wish you could discover what you're truly passionate about?  Try this one exercise to uncover your X factor!

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Mastering Resilience

There are 4 components to getting through every setback, this cites Harvard studies and shares case studies of how successful people have overcome adversity. 

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Relaxing & Preventing Burnout

The ultimate relaxation experience, listen to this nightly to ease into sleep and recharge.

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Creating Confidence & Prosperity 

Confidence is created when you combine tactical know-how with a commitment for improvement.  Learn the best of the best tools and tips from Klyn.

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Ending Fears & Insecurities

Klyn busts the 3 biggest fears entrepreneurs have and teaches you how to end them for once and all.

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A Dive into Shark School

Go behind the scenes of Shark School to discover how influencers and knowledge experts use Instagram and social media to build a brand and monetize their following.

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Charge Into ELEV8 Nation 

Go behind the scenes of ELEV8 Nation, learning the business tactics coupled with neuro-associative conditioning exercises to improve energy, eradicate excuses, and broaden solution options.

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About Klyn 

Rewire your brain with Klyn Elsbury, a leading high performance coach and a top requested keynote speaker as her trainings, keynotes, blogs, and books reach 250,000 people a month with her message for how neuroscience can help you gain and maintain a competitive advantage. Every week, Klyn shares tactical tips to help the ambitious overcome struggles & accomplish feats previously deemed impossible. 

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The ELEV8 Masterclass is an THREE hour long life coaching session delivered by Klyn Elsbury on how to create a life of purpose, dive into your passions, and create prosperity.

The ELEV8 Masterclass: How to recognize and achieve your maximum potential, regardless of what happens to you.


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Join the most supportive and encouraging community in the world for executives! One of the Fastest Growing Digital Communities for Purpose-Driven Executives. Live Coaching Sessions. Private Community. Monthly Success Kits.

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